Yeelight Wireless Charging Nightlight Review

Yeelight, the Xiaomi-ecosystem brand best known for its lamps and smart LED has released a new product, it is  called the Yeelight Wireless Charging Nightlight. This new product is actually a bedside lamp that also features a wireless charging pad that is build in, cool isnt it?

The Yeelight Wireless Charging

Mi Smart Sensor Set Unboxing

Many of us are leaning toward having a smart and safe home, and one way to achieve that is to be equipped with the right gadget like the Mi Smart Sensors by Xiaomi. One of the good thing about this automation is its practically so easy to setup and use,

Basraq Pororo Ice Cream Shaped Cookies

Its getting crazier and crazier here at Xiaomi YouPin Store in China as we see so many different kinds of food being sold already. One of them is the Basraq Pororo Themed Ice Cream Shaped Cookies!This is a cone shaped waffer that has banana fillings inside, there are 3 main

Xiaomi YouPin Zoke Marvel Kids Swimming Goggles

Summer aint over till its over, I got my youngest kid the latest Zoke Marvel inspired swimming goggles for kids and it was a great gift for him. He simply loved Avengers and having his own Captain America inspired swimming gear is dope! The build was nice and it was

MIIIW Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Review

Have you ever tried to use a wirless charging pad beside your laptop where sometimes its quite disturbing especially when you have quite a small working table with a surface area which can accomodate only just the laptop and a mouse pad. Well, there is a solution to this problem