Deerma Portable Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Have been looking around for a lightweight and wireless portable vacuum cleaner and I saw this one from the YouPin Store. What I can say is that the suction is pretty strong and whats best is that I can use this freely to clean the wall with the roller at

Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

One of the most important element which we use everyday to talk to our desktop computers, the keyboard and mouse. I have bought this during my trip in China and wasnt hesitant to grab it when I saw this since I worked a lot with my keyboard and mouse

Haylou GT1 Plus TWS Review

Another TWS has popped up from Haylou, it seems to me the GT1 wont stop evolving, like a Pokemon. First it was the GT1, then GT1 Pro and now the GT1 Plus. Its like Charmander, Charmeleon and Charlizard, one of my favorite Pokemon of all time (sorry Pikachu but you

Xiaomi’s Biggest Bang This Year 2020! MI TV 5! Unboxed and Reviewed!

Yes you heard it right, the biggest bang to start 2020 is not a phone, but a bezeless tv under the MI TV 5 flagship. Now there are 2 variant, a Pro and a well a regular one. I have unboxed the Mi TV 5 65 incher and it was

Viomi Self Heating Insulated Flask Review

I have heard of electric kettles that can boil water, its just another normal gadget in the shelves of department stores. But if I heard of something like insulated flask that can boil water, then that is quite something else!

The Viomi Self Heating Insulated flask can contain up to 400ml