Xiaomi YouPin Mai Yuan Car Seat Head and Back Rest

Just about when we are looking for some good back support for long drive, we dropped by at Xiaomi YouPin to scout for some solutions and hey, look what we got here. The Mai Yuan Car Seat Back and Head Rest. This is probably something I have been looking for

Mi Projector Youth Edition Review

Presenting another yet awesome and band for the buck item from Xiaomi and here it is the Mi Projector Youth Edition. Its really amazing that Xiaomi was able to bring the price down drastically after the launch of the first edition which was quite expensive for most of us. This

Ninebot ES2 Kickscooter Review

One of the lightest and most portable kickscooter I have ever handled! The Ninebot ES2 Kickscooter is probably one of the best partner for you to go from one place to the other within a certain village, this kickscooter is light and the max speed of this gadget is 25Kph,

Xiaomi Youpin Deerma Shoe Dryer Review

Xiaomi Youpin did it again, I have been looking for something to deodorize my sneakers whenever I come home from gym, as I look thru the roster, look what I have found! The Deerma Shoe Dryer, this one has 4 modes and it even have an athletes foot mode, meaning

1More Stylish TWS Bluetooth In Ear Headphones Review

From the makers of your favorite Xiaomi Pistons Earphones, 1More has released a wireless version this time similar to that of the Mi Air Dots and the Redmi Air Dots. The 1More Stylish TWS Bluetooth In Ear Headphones is really one of a kind, the design is ergonomically small that