70Mai Rearview Mirror Dash Camera Review

Good dashcamera for me is giving you whats accurate when you needed it most. Its the clarity of the recorded video as well as reliable record on the road. 70Mai has been on my list for a while since the company debuted with the Mini Dash Camera as well as

Youpin Magic Go Drawing Board

Im pretty amazed by the products being released for kids here at the Xiaomi YouPin Platform, the Magic Go Drawing Board is one compact drawing board for kids as young as 2 years old, wherein you can let them draw and imagine things without the bulk of a normal drawing

Xiaomi Youpin DR Bei Dental Care Products

One thing that we need to take care of daily is our oral hygiene. Well, there is always the toothbrush, the toothpaste and the mouthwash. Now, sometimes there are days that you feel sort of lazy to brush your teeth, and sometimes its really annoying.

Well, Xiaomi YouPin brand Dr.

Mijia Portable Air Pump

Its quite rare to see something of this kind, imagine a smartphone sized gadget (except the thickness) that can pump up air into your car’s wheels. How many gadget can possibly do that?Well honestly its the first time I saw one, most of the portables are connected to the car

Xiaomi Youpin Z Portable Steam Iron

Its nice to see gadgets get smaller and portable by the release, normally a steam iron is something that is quite bulky and space consuming. But this time, thanks to the developers behind this nifty gadget, the Z Portable Steam Iron, now you can do stuffs like ironing a