Blackshark 3 Review: The Phone that is worthy to be called a Gaming Phone!

It has been a while since Blackshark released its new gaming phone since the Black Shark 2 (well the 2 Pro being just a little makeover). This time they have really stepped up their game and let me show you why. From the latest SoC to the better camera inside,

Black Shark 2 Review: King of Gaming!

We Review the Black Shark 2 Pro!

After the success of the previous Black Shark phones, the company has strikes again this time sending out the Black Shark 2 Pro equipped with the over powered flagship from Qualcomm, the SD 855 Plus. This new processor is nothing new except being overclocked

Black Shark 2 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

After the successful stint of the Black Shark and the Black Shark Helo, its time to step up the game for the said company. This time gamers would love to have their gaming phone equipped with the latest beast from Qualcomm which is the Snapdragon 855. This processor just released