Yeelight Bedside LED Lamp D2: Cinematic Experience right inside your Room!

You may be wondering thay Yeelight has been making several models of bedside lamp and released it to the market. I was more than amazed with the D2 as it was halfed the size of the original bedsidelamp but the luminance was not compromised, thanks to the technology wherein you

Mi Band 5 Review

The Mi Band 5 made its debut a few weeks ago back in China and is set to make its Global debut pretty soon. I was able to get hold of the Chinese variant, but relax, it can display English on the band itself, you just need to set English

Xiaomi Youpin BeBird Endoscopic Ear Cleaner T5!

I have imagined all my life that I can ever clean my ears while taking a look inside, never in my wildest dreams did it ever crossed my mind. Well, Xiaomi Youpin’s Bebird just gave me that opportunity to finally look whats inside my ears. The BeBird T5 truly is

Mi Petoneer UV Sterilization Pen

I know that everyone is very careful with germsĀ  and bacteria these days during the pandemic and probaably will carry on for a while during this new norm. I would like to share to you one of the helpful tools you can probably invest on to carry inside your bag

Mijia Smart Powerstrip

This is just an improved version of the regular Mijia Powerstrip Extension Chord with 3 USB. The only improvement here is you can control this over wifi and check the current consumption of the electricity on this unit. You can also control the on and off schedule as well as