Xiaomi Youpin CoClean Portable Vacuum Cleaner Review!

Cleaning the interior of the car can sometime be exhausting, especially when you have to carry the hulk of a vacuum cleaner that is sometimes as big as a barrel (just exaggerating). Now, oftentimes we feel lazy to move that vacuum cleaner around, making it cleaning the interiors a drag

Xiaomi Air Pop N95 Face Mask: Protect Against the Corona Virus!

News has spread so fast that the Corona virus originated from Wuhan Province in Mainland China has already killed several people and over 500 infected victims. This virus attacks people with weak immune system and no one is safe.

How to protect yourself from this virus? The first layer of defense

Xiaomi Youpin Fix Body Legume Crisp!

Okay, so I have toured the Xiaomi Youpin Superstore in Shanghai and I got myself a couple of goodies to eat back home. Now, I am a gym and fitness buff so every little calorie intake really does count. I saw this one, one pack is just 51KCal which is

70Mai Rearview Mirror Dash Camera Review

Good dashcamera for me is giving you whats accurate when you needed it most. Its the clarity of the recorded video as well as reliable record on the road. 70Mai has been on my list for a while since the company debuted with the Mini Dash Camera as well as

Youpin Magic Go Drawing Board

Im pretty amazed by the products being released for kids here at the Xiaomi YouPin Platform, the Magic Go Drawing Board is one compact drawing board for kids as young as 2 years old, wherein you can let them draw and imagine things without the bulk of a normal drawing