Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Bluetooth Headset Review

Haylout has beefed up its popular TWS Headset by adding LED indicators as well as bumping up the battery capacity of the dock from 300mah to 800mah, in short, prolonging the talk time to 25 hours. Every other aspect remains the same. Check out my review for this one.


MiJia Sports Shoes V0 to V3 Sneaker Review!

Xiaomi has stepped up its game after launching their very first shoes in coordination with LiNing Sports Company to bring you the very first Sports shoes with GPS module to track your fitness record especially when running outdoors. Then they launched their very own Mijia Sports Shoes V1 yet with

Redmi Powerbank 10000mAh and 20000mAh Review

Redmi has joined the battle! Releasing their own powerbank to dominate the market. Because Redmi believes that quality doesnt have to be expensive, priced at 59 RMB and 99 RMB respectively for the 10k mAh and the 20k mAh. The most amazing thing for these two powerbanks is that it

Xiaomi YouPin Mi Jobs: Mi Band 4 Straps and Accessories Review

We have seen so many Mi Band Straps in the market and its kind of flooding the marketplace. But I will only go with quality for sure, one of the more popular ones and more durable is made by one of the Xiaomi Ecosytem company under Mi Jobs. I have

70Mai Pro Additional GPS Module

You must have been wondering why GPS is not working on the 70Mai Pro, and what is the empty slot with terminals for on your dash camera. This was my question as well at first until we got the module itself.

Upon inserting into the dashcamera, there was a feature