Xiaomi Youpin Autofull Gaming Table

Its my first time to own a gaming table actually, based on photo it looks awesome and futuristic. Now that the box has landed, it looked pretty much like a TV box and it is quite heavy. Taking it out of the box, everything is black and it took

Mi 2100W Induction Cooker Review

One of the most important element at home this quarantine and lockdown season is that you have something to use to cook your food. Now there are still many of us here in the Philippines still using the traditional LPG gas stove, and one thing that you will surely run

Mi Joy Office Gadgets Review

Its crazy to find something from the Xiaomi Youpin Online store but since its cheap, I just bought them anyways.

Mi Joy is another ecosystem supported by Xiaomi in their Youpin Platform and here are some of the items I got from them.

Calculator, Tape Dispenser, Organizer and Stapler.

These are just ordinary

Haylou Smart Watch LS01 Review

I have been pretty amazed with the Haylou GT1 series of TWS Headsets, how it evolved thru time was great. They didnt stop there, the GT1 was quite a budget yet good quality TWS. This time they entered themselves into the sports watch industry. Hence the Haylou Smart Watch LS01!


Xiaomi Mi Wifi Mesh

This one is quite something new to me, This mesh technology was introduced by Google in order to improve the reliability and signal range at home. Now how does this thing works? One of the modules is connected to the modem router via LAN cable, and the other one