Yui Home Decor Wall Clock

We bought another quality product from Xiaomi YouPin platform and this time its the Yui Home Decor Wall Clock, well there is nothing really special about this one, its not wifi nor bluetooth controlled. The clock is very classic looking and they guarantee accuracy of time in every tick. What

Deerma Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

Probably one of your problem when you wake up in the morning is sneezing, even tho you got a good night sleep and you woke up on the right side of the bed, you still sneeze like crazy. Probably there are some allergens that entered your nose when you woke

SoLove Portable Desktop Fan Review

There are so many mini fan out there in the market, and one of the distinct feature that I love about the SoLove Portable Desktop Fan is that its pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. It also has 3 fan modes, Low Medium High plus it can Oscillate at

Move It Belly Belt

Who said that you cant excercise while you are sitting? Well, basically with the Move It Belly Belt, you can make your belly sweat it out while you are number crunching your excel worksheet at the office table. Imagine multitasking at its best, there are times that you cant really

Yeelight Candela Review!

Yeelight, one of the well known LED manufacturing company under the wings of Xiaomi, launched one of the craziest gadget I have ever saw. Presenting to you the Yeelight Candela (well probably its a cute name for candle). This one is pretty much a replacement for candle stick and whats