Redmi 8A Review: Still the King of the Budget Series!

Released side by side with the Redmi 8, this one is almost the same as its older brother, only that its being nerfed down to just one camera and a little cheaper back case as compared to the Redmi 8. But nevertheless this is still definitely a budget king as

Redmi Note 8T Review!

After the very successful launch of the Redmi Note 8, the evolution did not just stopped there. Redmi quickly released the 8T and this is the version that got released in the European countries. All the specs are the same except the placement of the phone is a little different

Redmi 8 Review: More Value than you Paid For!

Redmi has been on a roll lately, they have been releasing phone after phone for the K20 series and the Note 8 series. Everyone is really excited about their every release these days and they have recently just dropped in another budget winner which is the Redmi 8, this one

Triple Colors Unboxing of the Redmi Note 8 Pro!

Here is another epic unboxing I did, seldom does anyone get to buy a phone of the same variant with all colors in the house just to make a review out of it. Im glad I was able to pull this one off for you guys to appreciate and choose

Redmi Note 8 Review: Worthy Upgrade to the Redmi Note 7?

Blue White and Black

After the very successful launch of the Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi capitalized on its popularity and launched the Redmi Note 8 in just 7 months. With 40 Million units sold worldwide, the accomplishment of the Redmi Note 7 is definitely unparalleled. Redmi of course would love to