Mi 10 5G Comprehensive Review: SD 865 at its Finest!

Its that time of the year when Xiaomi release its flagship, normally after spring festival in China. Only that this year its a bit delayed due to the outbreak of the novel corona virus which crippled almost every activity in that country. Even the shipment of my Mi 10 here

Xiaomi Mi 10: The Importance of LPDDR5 + UFS 3.0 in 5G Era

Long-term use of “non-blocking” is pretty much basic for most mobile smartphones. But from Xiaomi’s point of view, “non-blocking” is just a very basic industry standard. On top of this, Xiaomi phones have always insisted on pursuing higher performance at the cost of hardware. As early as February 2019,

Snapdragon 865: Android’s Strongest Platform in 2020, Now Inside Xiaomi Mi 10!

The highly anticipated 2020 “New Year’s flagship”-Xiaomi Mi 10 series will officially be launched on February 13. As the SoC of Xiaomi Mi 10 series, the Snapdragon 865 can almost be said to be the strongest flagship of the Android camp this 2020.

Parameter Comparison

First of all, let’s look at the

Mi Note 10 Review: The Greatest Phone to End 2019 for Xiaomi!

Yes you all heard it right, the Mi Note 10 for me is probably the best phone Xiaomi has launched this year (yes better than the Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro). We are basically not really talking about the processor, but we are simply talking about the camera. The

Mi MIX 3 5G in the House! First 5G Phone from Xiaomi!

After the first release of this 5G phone outside China, I was so excited and trying to get my hands on it. But after several attempts of trying to land one, it keeps failing as shipping from Europe to my country cost almost a unit of Redmi Note 8. So